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Carers Names, Address and Phone No. Filled out below.

Carers Names, Address, and Phone No.

Children's Names, Ages, and gender, with preferred events.

i.e. Joan Smith, aged 9, (F), Athletics, Squash, and Swimming.







Extra Names here if more than 6.

Medical Issues, Allergies and Special needs. 

If one or more of the children in your care have any of these issues, please, note each child's condition so we can ensure we accommodate them. Please list below.







Extra space if needed.


Athletics Start time 8.30 am. Swimming Start time 2.30 pm. These two events are the only ones that are Gender and age specific from age 10 and up. Tenpin Bowling, Lawn Bowls, Squash, Yoga and Sailing are done from 10.30 am - 12 pm. After which lunch will be provided free of charge around 12.30 pm. With a Disco and other amusements to get through lunch, swimming will take place after lunch. Sausage sandwiches and drinks provided free, after presentation of participation memento.

Age groups. 

3-5 yrs M & F

6-9 yrs M & F

10-12 Male

10-12 Female

13-15 Male

13-15 Female

16-18 Male

16-18 Female 

Privacy and Confidentiality.

At Rivergum Grandparents Group, we, as Carers, are fully aware of the delicate nature of the situations that come with some of our Children, so privacy to us is a very high priority. As there will be media in attendance to promote the day, we need to know if any of the Children, and Carers, cannot be subject to being identified or photographed. Please list below the names of anyone who is in this category.



Rivergum Grandparents as Parents does have sufficient Public Liability Insurance, for cover of any major incident that causes injury, and or loss, due to negligence on our behalf. Loss of, or property stolen, is at your own risk.  All events are undertaken at participants own risk, at all venues. Please sign below for acknowledgement of understanding of all conditions and authorizations outlined in this form. Unsigned or incomplete forms will be returned for completion, or discarded if no further contact is made.   

Carers Name/s and Signature/s.

Carer 1, Name                                                                                      Signature.

Carer 2, Name                                                                                      Signature.

How to Register.

Print a copy of this form, complete all sections, Sign, and return to, Kinship Care Kids Games, 99 Richardson Rd. Raymond Terrace, 2324 N.S.W. or email a completed copy to

By no later than 15th Nov. 2019.

All participants to sign on at the Vi Barnett Athletics field, behind the netball courts, on the corner of William Bailey and Port Stephens Streets, Raymond Terrace, for Athletics by no later than 7.45 am, and all other events by 9.45 am. Directions will be given to other events if you are not sure of their locations.

Call for more information on 0413 142 296

As we are hoping to supply #KiCKs shirts for all participants can you please give a shirt size for each child. Please put shirt sizes here.

To print this form , right click the mouse, a window will open with print as an action, click on print, another window will open and just click on print and it will print out.